Black Tor Falls

Black Tor Falls

Black Tor Falls of Dartmoor is just up the valley where Raddick Hill Falls crosses the iron bridge. Situated on the River Meavy it falls 6 meters and can be seen all year round.

Parking for the waterfall can be done on the side of the B3212 between Yelverton and Princetown.

This waterfall is a nice easy one to walk to, only about 5 mins away from roadside parking, it’s not the most spectacular in Dartmoor but being easy to access (and find) and extremely close to Raddick Hill Falls makes it worth seeing.

Location : 50.5271944,-4.012138888888889

Directions map :

IMAG0563 IMAG0552 IMG_20150417_192548 IMAG0551


8 thoughts on “Black Tor Falls

  1. Hello. Can I ask; When you parked on the roadside of the B3212 between Yelverton and Princetown, was it an official par park that you have to pay for?

    Also, which way did you walk? Is there anything I could look out for as a guide to know I am walking in the right direction?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Tom,
      There is no official car park but there are a number of pull over areas near by.
      On B3212 from Yelverton there is a small pull over area on the side of the road, directly north of the waterfall.
      There is a larger pull over area just before it, on the other side of the road (going from Yelverton to Princetown). You could park there as well.

      All in all, the lat/long coordinate should be right on the waterfall if you have GPS to guide you.
      Good luck! Whilst your going to see the waterfall, it’s worth checking out Raddick hill falls as well as they are a 10 minute walk from one another.


      1. Thank you for the information. Can I also just ask; once in the car park, do I walk in the direction “away” from the car park, or do I cross over the road and go in the other direction?

        Thank you


      2. I have labeled the points in a map so you should be able to find your way. Turns out the parking is not directly north of the waterfall but should still be easy to find. If you park on the side of the road (in a 2 car pull over spot) you do not need to cross the road. If you park in the larger car park a bit further away you will need to cross the road.

        Here is a link to a map that should explain it all well.


    2. Hello, Just to let you know, I found both the Black Tor, and the Raddick Falls. I am very greatful for your help. I will return there at some point. All the best and thanks again.


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